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trip to the moon

went on a wonderful trip with vildmark and this was one of the pictures we took (ah and now I know how to link to someone else's LJ name!) Ok - we didn't actually go to the moon, but doesn't it look like we did?
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miss the ocean

You are Ocean Blue

You're both warm and practical. You're very driven, but you're also very well rounded.

You tend to see both sides to every issue, and people consider you a natural diplomat.

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i finally learned about baseball

I've been living in the US for nearly eight years now, and I'd never been to a baseball game until a few weeks ago. Then Lon decided it was time to explain the game, and focus on all the complicated exceptions to the rules. If I still managed to have that smile on my face after all the confusion, he must've done a really good job :). Apparently the SF Giants rule!
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Rain, trains, and rubber boots

I spent the largest part of my day on NYC subway trains...I first went to Joe's on the upper upper west side for brunch and to play with his Wii. I know, that can sound a lot dirtier than it actually was. We played tennis, and bowling, and a game with rabbid rabbits that was quite hillarious. Joe made a scrumptious German apple pancake that left me wondering if I'd been wrong all these years of hating any desert that includes cooked or baked apples. His bacon and scrambled eggs were quite tasty as well.

Then I embarked on the 1 train from 110th street to Times Square where I changed for the R to Queens. The local train was running express due to construction on the tracks, so I had to go way past my stop, and then cross over to the other side and take a local train in the opposite direction that would stop at Steinway St. All this while my socks, my jeans, and my purse were all soaking wet from the rain. I should've started by saying that it's been raining non stop for at least 12 hours with the largest raindrops you can imagine.

After being forced to step in a humongous puddle to get out of the train station at Steinway St., I finally made it to my tax accountant, which was the reason for my travels. He did an AWESOME job with my taxes - it turns out I don't owe the government any money. Well worth enduring all these transportation-in-inclement weather issues. I was literally on trains for nearly 4 hours today, which rather then being annoying ended up being quite productive, as I finished reading my second Joan Didion book this week. She's such a good writer, I can never part with her books without feeling this pang of "I want more where that came from". So whenever I had to go back to a train station I was very excited that I had one of her books in my purse, and as soon as I got on I could open it again and read where I'd left off. I go for months without finishing any book, and this week I finished two of them. I feel like I just came back from vacation - the only place I ever manage to finish books lately.

My cold wet feet woke the consumer in me, and by the time I was back in Manhattan and nearing Union Square, I had decided to give in to the ultimate Sex-and-the-City girl stereotype and buy a pair of funky rubber boots that only girls in New York wear. I always found them very cheesy and useless; after all, it's not like we have a three month long "rainy season". But here I was, with soaked socks through my leather boots, and so miserable thinking about those last few blocks that I'd need to walk from the train to my apartment, that I was ready to cave. I walked into the Filene's store in Union Square, and joined the dozen other girls who were buying new socks and rain rubber boots, and then changing in front of the store into them.  Proof:

Now if only I could get my apartment to stop smelling like rubber, that would be great.
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trying it out

Apparently someone named Frank is willing to pay me if I take a survey. Ironic, since I create surveys for a living, and I've never heard of Frank before.

I'm sick and can barely breathe. No better time to start a blog.
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